Beer Kingdom
Part 1Acknowledgments
This script went from dream to reality in less than two months, a feat that would have been finished much sooner, had I not been blessed with a generous support of my dearest friends and roommates, who gave freely their time, and kept interrupting to offer drinks, more drinks, and different substances that were supposed to help me widen my horizons, concentrate better, or merely stay awake.
Special mention goes to Miss Amelia Goldman, better known as The Anarchist of our group, which in itself is known as the Gang of 4. She constantly kept me off course while sharing her prodigious knowledge on everything under the Sun and beyond. After delaying me for hours at time with her monologues, she would urge me to "hurry and meet the deadline". Invaluable advice came also from other members of our group:
Bill Porter (The Vagabond), and Lenore Pitcher (The Drunkard).

Instead of keeping me to my schedule, emperor Bacchus (our bellowed leader and spiritual guide) failed to apply any pressure, opting instead to suggest avenues of research that were either useless or very inappropriate for the subject matter I've been dealing with.

I will never be able to show enough appreciation to the owners and stuff of the MAD DOG IN THE FOG establishment which provided a refuge from the persons mentioned above, and many different beers on tap. My biggest debt of gratitude goes to a certain employee of that establishment who was patient enough and waited on numerous occasions for me to receive my allowance and pay my tab.
Ely Lee - The Bohemian

If you happen to know the password, you can go directly to the
Beer Kingdom Main Entrance

If you don't know the password, there's a long and dry road ahead.
If you happen to have a steady job, you better call in sick NOW,
get yourself a beer, and proceed with caution.

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