Beer Kingdom
Part 1Day Three
On one of those extraordinary warm days brought in such abundance by the Global Warming, I was finished with my first draft of the OFFICIAL HISTORY OF BEER KINGDOM.

I was tired. I was feeling glum and powerless. I was sick. Cold sweat on my forehead was stickier than usual. Probably because of that terrible Rum Punch that was the main ingredient for the glorious celebration of Captain Cook's birthday the night before.

So now you know that all this is taking place on October 28, which happens to be Bill Gates' birthday.

It is also Evelyn Waugh's birthday and I remember that last year our Bill wondered why Mr. Waugh was not included. Someone (either EB or Amelia) explained that Mr. Waugh in his war diaries wrote badly about people who drink.

In spite of the hangover I got very excited.

My life was going to change. No more slaving behind that ancient notebook that Amelia so proudly ceded to me for my so important work on this project.Only three years ago it must've been state of the art gadget.

But now it's considered slow and featureless.

The only good thing about it is the incredible nice feeling one has when touching the keyboard.

And another thing, while transferring her files to floppy disks, before giving me the computer, Amelia somehow did not delete all her files.

It provided for some interesting late night reading, whenever I got tired from evoking the glorious memories of our Movement's eventful past.

And so, only a few short months into the project, the History was ready to be presented to the General Public. First, of course, it had to meet the approval of our Board.

In retrospect I see how naïve I was, but at the time I did not foresee any bull sessions, any heated discussions, or any attempts to silence me by depriving me of life sustaining necessities, such as beer and sex.

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