Beer Kingdom
Part 1Founding fathers and mothers
Speaking of founding fathers and mothers (actually, EB sometimes calls those Founding Uncles and Aunts) we've noticed that EB, as a real post-modern prophet, admits influences only when we discover them on our own. Like a couple of months ago, when Amelia and myself ended up inside this wonderful establishment called LATIN AMERICAN CLUB.
We made friends with this good looking, charming, witty blonde who invited us to her place on top of Bernal Heights. It appeared that she is (what else) a writer from (where else) Ireland, and she and Amelia (what else) hit it off, while I was left to stare at the bookshelves. As usual I was curious if anything was worth "borrowing", but our hostess never let me out of her sight.
There were some interesting books, but also some magazines. Among those there were some old issues of the San Francisco Review of Books, which I understood was not being published any more. Why I picked up this particular one, the one with Sam Shepard on cover is beyond me. All I know is that I found out that almost half of the issue was devoted to some obscure Eastern European writers, and I was just about to put it back, when a title THE BELGRADE SCHOOL OF LIFE caught my eye.
I started reading the article, and boy was I surprised. The whole paragraphs sounded as if they were coming from EB himself. What little we know about EB is that he MAY BE from that part of the world, namely Eastern Europe. Just like Amelia. Also, I have the impression that the two of them have met, and in THIS life at that. She vehemently denies that, and he doesn't want to talk about it.
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