Amelia's Question About Politics

I'm all for the "moderate progress within the boundaries of the law." On the other hand, when I was younger, I did exhibit some less patient tendencies. No wonder today I'm the official "anarchist" of our group. I've learned that there are many very inpatient people out there. And no wonder, if your life is in dire need of a change, and you can't foresee a change in the course of your one and only lifetime, you may be in favor of some drastic measures. The most drastic and most certain to bring us change is a war. If that's what it takes, and if you can imagine that you're the only one who can start WWIII, would you push that Red Button?

Do you :

Never! I don't want to be responsible for death of so many innocent people

I don't think anyone is innocent, but I wouldn't do it on a moral or religous grounds. Plus, what would my mother or my significant other think of me?

Where's that Red Button?!