Bill's Question About Philosophy, Ethics, World History and Literature
Our East European friends frown upon the "American re-inventing of existentialism." They're like: where were you 30 years ago. I mean, here's Amelia who starts four out of five of her stories with "when I was a young existentialist..." I wish I've met her when she was a young existentialist, but I wasn't even born than. As for me, I traveled to Europe in order to meet a young European existentialist, but I run into Nora instead. And I'm telling you, they may've invented existentialism, but we, Americans, we've perfected it!

Anyway, which of the following is true for you

I was in love with an existentialist once.

Some of my best friends are/were existentialists.

I wouldn't touch an existentialist with a ten foot pole.