Bill's Question About Politics
Some twenty years ago the Dutch conducted an experiment in the city of Amsterdam. The government purchased a number of bicycles, painted them orange and left them all around town for anyone to use free and, supposedly, leave them out for someone else. The idea was to discourage driving even further in a city where people use bicycles and public transport extensively anyway. The experiment was a test of its kind, with many city officials all over Europe waiting to see if it'll work. It didn't. Although the bicycles were clearly marked and distinctive looking to prevent theft, bikes were disappearing anyway. Why would someone steal a bike he cannot use, wondered the Dutch before abandoning the experiment. Well, EB's friend has a theory that CIA was behind a covert operation to thwart the experiment. The CIA was working on behalf of the auto industry and the oil companies.

Do you think that:

EB's friend is one of those paranoid people who'd believe any conspiracy theory doesn't matter how far fetched.

Everything is possible, but this is too far fetched.

Definitelly it's true. The agents were in Amsterdam because of Jim Morison, and they saw those bikes, and realized immediately what it'll mean for the American corporations if this crazy idea catches on, so they called more agents and started bribing foreign workers to steal bikes during the night, for extra cash.....