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Imagine this situation: you're driving in your car and, as opposed to many other people on the road, you DO HAVE someplace to be at certain time. Right in front of you is one of those idiots who doesn't care about others and is driving 5 miles per hour, and you cannot pass him. Approaching an intersection he's driving slowly only to cross it in the last moment on yellow light, and you're left behind to wait for another green one. You feel this strong urge to track down the moron and torture him for hours, or, at least, shoot him in the knee.

Do you think that:

That is why guns should be banned altogether, otherwise if everyone start acting on their urges and impulses...

That is why we should carry guns around at all times: if idiots and morons start seeing more and more other idiots and morons on crutches, they may start driving with more concern for others.

What's the big deal if someone wants to enjoy slow ride?