Nora's Question About Politics
Apparently some liberals would like to have their fish and eat it too. They would like scientific progress but "they are not ready for any small sacrifice. Some molecular biology experiments have to be done on animals, or, preferably, humans. Some experts warn that the American business will fall behind because other governments do not have concerns that we do-you know, ethical treatment of humans and animals. In order to be competitive we should continue the unpopular but necessary practice of experimenting on student and prison populations and on foreign (illiterate and unaware) subjects.

Do you think that:

the current conflict between scientific researchers and their social critics will never be satisfactorily resolved?

social critics should be arrested and experiments conducted on them!

we didn't win the Cold War for nothing! Our scientists should pay Russian, Romanian, Moldavian and other scientists to conduct experiments over there, with the little provision that all the discoveries become our intellectual property.