Beer Kingdom
Part 2 Finale
A few hours later, presiding over a table filled with the most wonderful food and drinks that the $237.37 could buy, EB delivered a passionate speech.

He instructed us that the biggest obstacle towards universal happiness is that ugly, dated, evil thing called Ego, and that although our friend Ely (that'll be me) could've avoided certain subjects while writing our history, he opted not to do so. He did write it all in: the good, the bad, and especially the ugly. But if it wasn't for our egos, everything would've been all right. We have to look at it as a work of fiction, as if it is some other people he was writing about. Distance yourselves from yourselves, he demanded.

Still, he continued, this being America, honesty is not in high esteem. So we better make sure that only those few who may have some affinity towards people like us get to read our history.

We must try all that is in our might to exclude those who may not feel sympathy for misfits that we are. Therefore, you will all participate in devising a test. Only those who pass the test will be given the password to get to the second level of our labyrinth. And our history will be there.

Now, let's all drink to our dear friend Ely Lee, who's been slaving for months behind that ancient laptop to produce this... EB took a floppy disk from his shir pocket and put it on the table. After only one second of hesitation, Nora, Bill, and Amelia jumped and poured their drinks over the disk. Oooops, they all exclaimed, I'm sorry!
EB turned towards me and smiled. In spite of the fact that he had a few copies of that disk hidden around, he didn't take any chances. The disk he put on the table was one of those free disks for America Online that we keep getting in our mail.

Remember, EB continued after refilling his glass, tonight we should all eat, drink, and be merry, but tomorrow we need to finish that BEER KINGDOM

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