Bahus War Diary - A personal view


Editor, Regarding our new war in Yugoslavia, I will borrow the oft-used questions posed by the government to defend their other battle, the war on drugs: "What message does it send to the children?"

In Kosovo, as with Iraq, Somalia, and Kuwait, the United States Government is demonstrating to America's youth that the way to handle disputes is through violence. Most kids are not sophisticated enough to understand that these battles are being used as high-tech product demos for U.S. weapons manufacturers and to provide justification for increasing military's bdget. They only see that the guy wih the bigger gun wins.

So how can we be surprised when school kids attack other kids and their schools in an effort to vent rage or win control? These rampaging children are taking cues from the top levels of our government.

Please, Mr. President. Break your addiction and just say no to all war. Do it for the children.

Mari Kane, Forestville

(Letter to the San Francisco Chronicle, printed on March 30th 1999.)
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