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Arkan's words

Undoubtedly greatly encouraged by Mr. Arkan's words -

(sorry but I have to digress here: my TV was on MSNBC this time, and in two hours I've heard the interview that they had with Zeljko Raznatovic, better known as Arkan,four times. The anchor couldn't be happier, his voice was trembling from excitement that he was being delivered such an easy PR coup. Mr. Raznatovic was his usual self: he did restrain himself from threatening to come to America and give them a piece of his mind on their soil, but he threatened that not all courtesy will be extended to the NATO troops if they dare enter Yugoslavia. As understandable as Arkan's words were at the time when bridges were falling and buildings were burning around him, they gave the MSNBC guys just what they wanted, in spite of the fact that the anchor kept pronouncing Mr. Raznatovic's nickname as Arcane. Naturally they did not bother to balance Arkan's statement with any other from Yugoslavia. They did not make any attempts to see if any mothers, university professors, circus clowns, musicians, construction workers, transvestites, bicyclists or anyone else for that matter may've had a slightly different opinion. No, they happily superimposed title underneath Arkan's image
that said: indicted war criminal, and let him deliver his threats four times in two hours. And there you have it, even if NATO wanted to stop the humanitarian friendly bombing of civilian bridges and maternity wards, they simply couldn't now when those defiant Serbs are threatening that the friendly NATO troops will not be met with flowers, cheers, toasts, and friendly speeches.

In any case, probably greatly encouraged by Arkan's words, some Yugoslavs are already arguing which ones of the American leaders will be the first to receive a fair trial an the International Tribunal in Hague, the Netherlands. Once the tables are turned on them, naturally. Since everyone in Yugoslavia expects Mr. Clinton to commit suicide just like the historical figure they like to compare him with, the Washington Madam Albright is the likely candidate for the middle of the front row in the Hague. At the moment she's nowhere to be seen or heard from, but that's another story. If you expect to see
Mr. James Rubin in Hague, you will be disappointed, according to the experts. He will have an accident in the bathroom just after or before or during the time he was to be captured. Something like that.

The list of the prominent Americans that will stand the trial in Den Hague is long and growing every day. But I must say that the two main culprits are not mentioned so far, and I am so proud that I will be the one credited with their denunciation. They are
Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman. Especially the later. Using the method acting they made the movie ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN so believable that even now, when the bridges are falling and the buildings are burning, the residents of Yugoslavia are still expecting that two brave journalist will defy the orders of their sold-out senior editors and will uncover the truth. Which is that, with the criminal complacency of the American media, this administration first orchestrated the so-called humanitarian crisis so that it will have reasons to intervene in the Balkans and thus extend its sphere of influence. And in the process it created an even bigger humanitarian crisis, which it than blamed entirely on the Yugoslavs. And, just like in a Hollywood movie, the president will be (finally) impeached, and his collaborators will end up in prison.

So strong was the impression that ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN left on the poor Serbs, that they will be left without bridges and without any building that is more than two stories high, before they realize that Redford and Hoffman won't be coming to the rescue anytime soon. And that is why I would like to remind the Serbs that before they start ethnically cleansing the Beverly Hills area, they should make it a priority that Mr. Redford and Mr. Hoffman are caught and brought to justice.

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