Bahus War Diary - A personal view

Double Standards

Dear friends:

while the humanitarian friendly bombing of Belgrade and Novi Sad continues, there are some deviates and seriously disturbed individuals who dare to question the sincerity of the self-pronounced "International Community." There are two kinds of those individuals. First there are those who do not know what they are doing. They need help, and I am sure that as soon as they are located, the help from the responsible government agency will be on the way. Secondly, there are those individuals who do know what they are doing onoy because they are paid by the sworned enemies of the "Free World" to introduce confusion into the unified discourse orchestrated from the centers of power and by those who hold the grip on information you and I will receive. They sold their souls to the devils such as Dalai Lama, the Red Cros, Amnesty International, and a whole myriad of pacifist organizations that would like to promote cooperation and peaceful coexistence among nationa, to say nothing about the protection of environment. Too bad we can't bomb them all, at least not now.

Anyway, to illustrate what I am talking about, here's what I received through the e-mail this morning. Before deleating it I will forward it to you, and you decide if this individual is mentally challenged or a paid agent of one of the organizations working against our interests.

>Not for the first time in my life (I am 38) have I witnessed US and British
>bombs being sent against the people of another people in the name of some
>"just" war. The war against Iraq was another such war which has many
>parallels with what is happening now. Just as that war was supposed to be
>against a "monster" (Saddam Hussein), this war we are told, is a war
>the dictator Milosovic.
>It is true that both these men are dreadful tyrants, but there have been
>many such tyrants (Marcos - Phillipines, Suharto - Indonesia, The ex-Shah
>of Iran, Mobutu - Zaire, Moi - Kenya, Pinochet - Chile, the generals of
>Argentina and the rest of Latin America etc, etc.) who were supported for
>years and indeed militarily equipped by the Western (and particularly USA)
>powers. Indeed, many such regimes which are today causing such immense
>suffering to people are in fact the allies of the West. 2 examples are
>Turkey and Israel.
>Take Turkey. Over 15,000 people have died in a war waged by the Turkish
>state against the Kurdish people. Hundreds of Kurdish villages have been
>"ethnically cleansed" by Turkish soldiers.
>Question: Why has the West not sent in troops to stop such things?
>Answer: because Turkey is a NATO member and Westen ally on the fringe of
>oil-rich Middle East.
>Take Israel: Israel continues to wage war against Arabs in Lebanon and
>indeed still occupies part of Lebanon against many UN resolutions.
>Palestinians are treated as 2nd class citizens, and have been "ethnically
>cleansed" from areas that Jewish settlers have wanted to build their homes
>Question: Why has the West not sent in troops to stop such things?
>Answer: because Israel is a Western ally at the heart of the oil rich
>It is also worth remembering that when Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons
>against Kurdish villagers in 1988 (the poison gas ingredients having been
>supplied by Western businesses), not one word of condemnation was heard
>any Western government. Why ? Because the West wanted Saddam as a bulwork
>against the influence of Iran.
>The reason for these apparent double standards is very simple. Western
>foreign policy is about securing the best interests of their own states and
>big business. It is not some high moral principles which drives foreign
>policy, but naked self-interest. Talk by Western leaders of "just" or
>"humanitarian" wars are just a smokescreen to pursuade their citizens to
>support the war. It is PROFITS not PEOPLE which is the rationale behind
>foreign policy.
>So, when it comes to Serbia, NATO is not intervening for humanitarian
>purposes, it is simply to assert Western (and more particularly, United
>States) interests and power. The war it seems to me is to show the world
>that the USA is the world policeman and any tin-pot dictator who is stupid
>enough to do something against Western interests has to be seen to be
>punished. That is the reason for the bombing in Serbia.


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