Bahus War Diary - A personal view

Moral Leadership

Too much!

William Cohen, the Secretary of offense, said this morning on CNN that the United States have to get more involved in the Kosovo crisis because it has to maintain its credibility as the leader of NATO and as the "moral leader" of the world. I must've been asleep or abducted by the UFO and taken to an undisclosed location someplace where no news from planet Earth are available. So please let me know, when did this vote for the moral leader of the world took place, who was eligible to vote, and where there any other candidates? Also, how the voting went, was there any campaign, and what was the
margin, was it a general vote, or did the people of the world vote through their representatives, either their national leaders or through their representatives in the so-called United Nations?

While I was away on a planet faraway, they must've changed the definition of the word moral. There used to be something called "moral behavior. Silly me, I still remember the first rule of ethics, of moral behavior, called "the golden rule" that in essence said: don't do unto others what you wouldn't like the others to do to you. Now it's changed to: don't do unto others, unless you can do it with impunity.

Where is that UFO to take me away again. This time for good.

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