Bahus War Diary - A personal view

When the music's over

When the music's over
turn off the light.

(Jim Morrison)

I wonder what other people are doing in this situation.

It's been exactly 13 years since I've realized (with some help, naturally, you don't expect me to realize something that important on my own) that the proverbial by-product of human metabolism will come into a contact with the also proverbial rotating part of the air-shuffling device. Since then I've annoyed a few of my very good friends (to say nothing about the fact that I've been ditched by at least two women because of that) on numerous occasions with my fatalistic discourse. On the other hand, I was under the impression that I showed incredible restraint. I did not go to deliver
speeches on street corners, I did not walk around carrying a huge banner saying THE END IS NIGH, and I've been called a "prophet of doom" on less than a dozen occasions.

So in a restrained manner I will only say that events of the last two weeks are only an introduction into the much bloodier global conflict that is approaching faster than even I expected.

And this is what puzzles me: this will be my first global conflict, I mean the first one that will happen during my lifetime. Naturally, I do not know firsthand what people felt when the last one was approaching. For the last thirteen years I always thought that at the first sign of the incoming global disaster I will, naturally, quit my job, sell my belongings, get all the money from the banks and even get a loan if possible, and either go to some exotic place, to enjoy my last days, or lock myself into my apartment after I've supplied it with alcohol, drugs, and lots of CD's, so that I can drink, get stoned, and play loud music while the civilization as we know it is being destroyed.

Well, the civilization will not be destroyed, people will survive in many areas, but the World will never be the same after this, don't you think?

Instead, I am still working at my job, I still clean my apartment (well, not really), do laundry, pay bills, and as they say in this country, I go on with my life.


How about you?

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