Bahus War Diary - A personal view

Conspiracy Again

When I wrote my first dispatch I did not expect that I will be doing the same
thing three weeks later. I did not expect NATO to find too many military targets in an impoverished small country. Their creative thinking proved me wrong. After striking at bridges that the Yugoslav military "may have to use if they decide to attack Hungary and Germany" the NATO air force is striking at practically anything. What's next: coffee
houses that the Yugoslav troups may visit when on leave to boost their morale?

In any case the campaign goes on and here I am stuck with this war diary. I had a dream that I turned the TV on one day and I heard: this was the one thousand, two hundred, and seventy fourth day of NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia... A make-shift
bridge over Pilitza Creek and a mailman's bicycle have been destroyed with direct hits, with some minimal collateral damage...

I did not expect any response to my daily rumblings, but I underestimated the number and passion of the so-called conspiracy buffs. A few days ago I wrote about the relationship between the US president and the US Secretary of state, and I adressed
that particular despatch "dear conspiracy theorists, this one is for you." As I was writing about the Council of Foreign Relations, I suggested that those who would like to find out more about that distinguished organization go to Now, you wouldn't believe the number of letter that I received from people asking for their money back, because they went to the mentioned site and couldn't find anything about the CFR. And I clearly remember that I found my info there some year and a half ago. Now, if this is not a conspiracy aimed at discrediting me, I don't know what is. I have my theories who may be behind this.

Now, as far as the conspiracies go, I've heard it all. There is this seven guys, or only three, or as much as fourty four, never more than three hundred, and they meet once a year, or once in three years, or once every twenty seven years, or they use tele-conferencing... If they meet, it is in the forest near Tacoma Washington, or in the Vatican Embassy in Washington, DC, or in the Vatican itself, or in the Jerusalem, Amsterdam, Venice, Italy, Hong-Kong, or in different locations each time they meet... And they decide how to continue rulling over the world and how to squeeze more money and gold and natural resources out of the world's population. After the meeting there is this big banquet and orgy with a lot of young girls, or young boys, asll of them brain-washed white slaves whose memory of that event will be wiped out clean...

Aside from those crack-pots who usually cannot resist to introduce the alien vicilization's infiltration into this planet's affairs, there are those who try to give their theories more credibility. Alas, they too go too far in "explaining" all the world's events as results of conspiracies. One of those is David Icke, (if interested, go to search in your browser, type David Icke and press enter, he has his own web page and publishing company) who was a TV personality before deciding to unveil the conspiracy behind world's events. Like, if it really was so, they would let David go around and spread the word about it. If they are really so much in control of everything, wouldn't you expect that David would meet with some "accident" long time ago?

David is not too happy that a lot of the people who were/are involved in the Balkans are members of the same organizations:

Council of Foreign Relations (CFR),or Bilderberg Group (BG), or the Trilateral Comission (TC), while some of the others (or the same ones) are members of the Royal Institte of International Affairs (RIIA), or Kisinger Associates (KA).

In this light, he claims that there are some interesting connections between the "peace negotiators" in Bosnia.

Lord Carrington (Royal Institute of International Affairs, Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission, Comm 300), Lord Owen (Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission) and Sweden's Carl Bildt (Bilderberger) followed each other as official "peace negotiators" for the European Union in the former Yugoslavia. Cyrus Vance (CFR,TC,Bil,Comm300) was the UN "peace negotiator", while at the same time a director of Manufacturers Hanover Trust. When Vance resigned, the UN appointed Norway's Thorvald Stoltenberg (TC,Bil). And, when the understandably failed to "achieve peace", Jimmy Carter (TC) flies to Bosnia as
an "independent negotiator".

Later came Richard Holbrooke (TC,CFR,Bil), the peace envoy of Bill Clinton (CFR,TC,Bil) and the US ambassador to Yugoslavia was Warren Zimmerman (TC,CFR) reported to Warren Christopher (TC,CFR).

So spoke David. Makes no sense, does it? I mean, the fact that many of the individuals mentioned belong to the same organisations does not mean that they may've all been in this together. Plus, why would they conspire to shape the world events? Certainly those distinguished individuals would not put their desire for money and power over principles?

David, you should have yourself checked.

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