Bahus War Diary - A personal view

Ban CNN - for crimes against common sense, reason, and logic!

It is understandable that NATO will try anything to cover up its "blunders" such as bombing of the civilians, whether those riding carelessly on a train, or those trying to leave Kosovo. In this second instance NATO planes hit the exact people they were allegedly trying to help - the Kosovo Albanians.

It is also understandable that the CNN, as an extended arm of the CIA, will try to give space to all the theories that try to avoid blaming the NATO planes for this embarrassment. But when they leave the realm of possible and come up with such far
fetched scenarios that defy reason, common sense, and logic, the viewers should be able to sue for this assault on their intelligence. And if they win, they should be able to ask that CNN be banned from delivering "news" in the future.

It is understandable that they tried, first, to blame it on the Serbian army. Like, there were this two convoys, and than one was a military convoy, and NATO was hitting the military convoy, but as soon as the NATO planes left, the Serbs jumped and attacked the second convoy that consisted of Albanian civilians, and killed a bunch of them before running to blame NATO for the massacre.

Well, but what about the reports that the attack on the Albanians came from the planes? Naturally, CNN claims, they couldn't be NATO planes. If they were, which they weren't, it must've been because those devious Serbs hid anti-aircraft guns among the Albanian refugees and fired. Yes, that's what happened. And than, when NATO planes fired in self-defense, the Serbs used Albanians as the human shield.

Wait, CNN than went, we just got a report from Kukes, on the Albanian border, some refugees claim that only 15 miles from the convoy that was attacked by NATO planes, the Yugoslav air force and its planes attacked those refugees and their two tractors. So those same planes must've been the ones that attacked the Albanian convoy! Yes, that's it. The only problem is how those refugees arrived to Kukes over the treacherous mountain passes to tell their story just in time? Didn't their own (CNN's, that is) Christiana Amanpour describe the plight of the refugees who have to walk over treacherous mountain passes "for hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours" (in her own words) and now when they need them to tell about the MIGs, they make the journey in no time at all! And not only that, but since NATO did admit that their planes were attacking (in their own words) a "convoy" in question, how come they let those MIGs operate only 15 miles away?

Are we to believe that there is some secret deal that we know nothing about, where NATO and Yugoslavian Air Force let each other happily bomb next to each other, and the only problem arises when they get their targets mixed?

All right, if this was Sesame Street, or if we were listening to a discussion inside some kindergarten, I would understand: it wasn't me, it was Michael, he ate the cookie, and the fact that I was caught with my hand in a cookie jar, well, I can explain, it is all Michael's devious plan to discredit me.....

As long as we know on which level this discourse is.

(And it's not over yet.)
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