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President Clinton believes that the NATO campaign did not trigger Serb repression against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

President Clinton surveyed the dispirited faces of his senior advisers - including the secretaries of state and defense, the chairman of the joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of central intelligence - and decided they needed a pep talk, according to
an official who attended the meeting. He said: "Guys, let’s not lose sight of why we did this. Let’s not forget what prompted us to do this and who is responsible.

At the same time the San Francisco Chronicle remembers: NOT 1ST TIME U.S. HAS TARGETED BELGRADE

Under the title there is a subtitle: World War II raids were inaccurate but welcomed by Serbs.

And than I took some time to actually read the article and found no evidence that the raids were welcomed by Serbs. All it said was that the death toll in the 1944 Easter bombings killed twice as many civilians than were killed by a surprise Nazi Germany attack three years earlier. The German commander of the 1941 attack Luftwaffe <Marshal Alexander Lohr was later tried and executed for the bombings.

U.S. commanders were disturbed by Serb fatalities caused by American bombs, and General Carl Spaatz requested a detailed account of the raids.

In 1944, as now, U.S. bombers flew out of bases across the Adriatic Sea in Italy.

So there is nothing about Serbs welcoming being killed by the allied bombs rather than the Nazi bombs. Do you think the Chronicle will print a correction? If your answer is affirmative, you&rsquo;ve forgotten to take your medication this morning.

So what is next in this comedy series. Again SF Chronicle reports that the friendly humanitarian bombing have destroyed the Cacak Factory Sloboda (Freedom) that produces vacuum cleaners. The damage is only 300 million dollars, which is peanuts
for such a rich country as Serbia. And as for the vacuum cleaners, I can't wait for the Chronicle to report that the Serbian men have welcomed this destruction, because it is traditionally their duty to vacuum their apartments on weekends.

Now they are liberated from this tedious task.

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