Bahus War Diary - A personal view

Geneva Convention

As for Mr.. Rubin (voted the men that most of the American mother's would like for a son-in-law) he's just killing me. I was so shocked when he mentioned those two words: Geneva Convention. I mean, there he was cheering whenever a bridge that only serves civilians, or a vacuum cleaner factory or some other clearly non-military object was transformed into a pile of dust and twisted metal and those two words were never pronounced by his pouty lips. But as soon as three U.S. soldiers, bruised but otherwise unharmed, appeared on Serbian TV, Mr.. Rubin miraculously remembered that, by God, yes, there was some kind of a meeting in the Swiss city by the lake. Not Zurich, not Laussane... Geneva, yes. And the result of that international meeting was... I got it, a convention! And the famous provision that you shouldn't kick your enemy in the head, but only in the butt, as quoted in the Atellier 212 version of Ubu Roi, but there is some small print there too. Something about civilian population and the way it should be treated.

No, Mr. Rubin, too much conditioner must've affected your long-term memory. It does not say that the civilian population should be napalmed and bombed into the stone age and made to suffer every degradation imaginable only because you may not like their leader. I know that you have two reasons for bombing the Serbs:

1. because they are there

2. because you can

But in that case please stop using those two words. Or, at least, have mercy, and do not say Geneva Convention before 8 AM. That is the time when I'm usually trying to have my breakfast.


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