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?????: Damjan <d.stojanovski@russia.com>
????: ???????, 26 ????? 1999 ????, 07:06
We (orthodox Macedonians) are not stupid like most western nations
(especially Europeans, because most Americans are stupid people by
definition). You sit before television (Ex. CNN or BBC) and watching how
your representatives spend your tax money, how they lie to you. Are you
really so stupid trusting to everything what they are saying about Serbian
people? Do you know the meaning of word History? You should read more
history to know better other nations. You should thanks Serbian people for
many things... However, the main goal to USA (CIA, DIA, NATO) is not a
peace - not at all, because they want control Europe through Balkan! There
will be no peace for terrorists-separatists-bandits in every country in the
whole world, who says? Double standards.For your REAL information:
Yugoslavia is the only true independence country in Europe now. Yes,
Americans don't have influence there (in Yugoslavia) like in all other
European countries: the new (old) "DEVIDE ET IMPERA" - The New (American)
World Order. Hay, EUROPE where are you? Are you (the old lady) going to be
ever UNITED STATES OF EUROPE? Of course not, Greedy Americans are always
here, because they are afraid from the power of U.S.E.! You (western
Europeans) should shame and not only shame from these strikes against
Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia does not attack any country in the region. The one
and the only "sin" what is going to Yugoslavia is because American State
Department can not rule with that country. So, Americans stay out from
Europe and with your "tomahawk-human rights & democracy" vocabulary: Go to
hell. Europe to the Europeans! Basic Constitution Rule to every country is
to defend their people against terrorism and separatism (Spain, UK, France,
Italy, Turkey, ., Yugoslavia). Albanians have their own country in Albania.
They can not have two countries. No other nation in the world has two
countries. Yugoslavia has a right to defend her territorial integrity and
independence on every square millimeter like any other state in the world.
They do not need permission for that, especially not from the lousiest lover
in the world Mr. Billy (by the way are you trusting to CNN that the oral sex
is not a sex?). What is the next step to Mr. Billy? Russian Federation
maybe? Russian people where are you, wake up? Or, maybe the next is China?
China, India are you so blind? My message for the young Europeans: Think
with your own HEADS, not with the CNN, or other mind controlling e-media(s),
for prosperity to the next generations of Europeans!
Long live United States of Europe (with Russia, but without USA)!!!
I wish all this really the worst things what you (americans) do to us (to
Macedonians and Serbs) here on the Balkan (in the heart of Europe) to happen
in the very near future to you (fat & stupid) Americans.
You (CNN) lie again, again and again. Yes, your flag and embassy was burning
yesterday (25.03.99) in Skopje, the capital of the most beautiful Republic
in the Balkan - MACEDONIA. We did it, the orthodox Macedonians. You have to
know forever that we are not stupid, but more: we are much cleverer than any
other citizens from the west are, especially from you americans are. We are
with our brothers Serbs, so that mean you are in war with us Macedonians.
Maybe we don't have tomahawks but have Indian tomahawks for every soldier to
NATO forces here in Macedonia. NATO go home, stay out from Macedonia and
never come back again. Go to nacists in Germany or to your slave Britain.
You are not here for the good of Macedonia. You are here to make war between
us and ethnic Albanians.
Again: We are not stupid or blind not to see it. You are war machinery for
killing people, soon or a later you are going to breakdown.
Long lives (mother of all Slavic People) Russia!!!!!!!!!!
Long lives independent California!
Macedonian, Damjan Stojanovski (ENGINEER)

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