Kosovo: Klinton zabrinut

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Thu, 01 Apr 1999 16:14:18 -0800

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Pregled stampe iz San Franciska.

San Francisco Chronicle:


President Clinton surveyed the dispirited faces of his
senior advisers -- including the secretaries of state
and defense, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff and the director of central intelligence -- and
decided they needed a pep talk, according to an
official who attended the meeting.

``He said, `Guys, let's not lose sight of why we did
this,' '' the official said. `` `Let's not forget what
prompted us to do this and who is responsible.' ''

It is telling that only five days into a long- planned
bombardment campaign against the forces of
Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, Clinton
needed to buck up the senior officials who advised him
to pursue the military option.

And to do so, the president had to conceal doubts
of his own about the course he had chosen,
according to advisers. While Clinton is confident he
was justified in ordering the air and missile attacks,
one adviser said, the decision has gnawed at him
and cost him sleep.


In another effort to avoid the appearance of being
seized by crisis, officials in Washington, who
themselves have dribbled out scraps of information
about the war in vague daily briefings, have allowed
the briefers at NATO headquarters to be the
leading voices on the conflict.

This is part of a deliberate strategy to portray
Kosovo as chiefly a European, not an American
concern, according to Joe Lockhart, the White
House press secretary.


By making NATO the voice of the operation, the
United States, which is the dominant force in the
alliance, may manage to bear less of the blame if it
goes sour -- and less of the credit if it succeeds.

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