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12 April 1999


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Robert Fisk from Belgrade

Robert Fisk of the London-based daily Independent is on the ground
in Yugoslavia, providing extraordinary reports which draw on
interviews with individuals caught up in the crisis. While so much
war reporting focuses on tactical military detail, Fisk's accounts
remind us that this is primarily a humanitarian disaster.

Men of God receive their call-up papers (4-12-99)

Just another day of dread (4-11-99)

Proud? No, but there's still defiance in the air (4-8-99)

An interview with Fisk in the July 1998 Progressive magazine
gives his perspective on international coverage:

Paul Watson From Kosovo

Paul Watson is believed to be the only reporter
from a U.S. paper in Kosovo. He has been filing
reports for the Los Angeles Times.


Destroying Democratic Movements

As the human - and financial - costs of this war become apparent,
tax-paying Americans are beginning to ask whether the US and its NATO
allies could have done more to support non-violent, pro-democratic
resistance to the tyranny of Slobodan Milosovic's regime.

Clinton Bombs Again: How the Air Strikes Destroyed
Democratic Movements In Kosovo, Serbia, And Montenegro
by Jason Vest, Village Voice (4/7-13)

Journalism's Failings

This was the week the news media proclaimed that "the crisis in
Kosovo is quickly becoming the Internet conflict."

It is a sexy idea, though ultimately threatening to a mainstream
press that is in the business of filtering and "contextualizing"
information for its readers. It was also the week that journalists
themselves have came under attack for the sometimes partial, often
misleading coverage of the unfolding tragedy.

Kosovo Highlights Journalism's Failings
by Matt Welch, Online Journalism Review (4-9-99)


Media critic Norman Solomon has written several columns on the
coverage of the war. They can be found with other resources at:

Solomon was on CNN's Talkback Live, with NPR's Daniel Schorr
and Judith Miller of the New York Times, discussing the coverage:

Friday's Nightline on ABC had a "town meeting" on the war.
The panel consisted of Lawrence Eagleburger, secretary of state
during the Bush administration; Brent Scowcroft, national security
to Presidents Ford and Bush; James Schlesinger, director of the CIA
secretary of defense, Nixon administration; retired Army Gen. Tom
director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the
Gulf War; and Hodding Carter, assistant secretary of state for public
affairs during the Carter administration.

None of the many analysts in the Institute for Public
Accuracy's news releases were included on Nightline.
You can read their comments and join IPA's mailing list:

Brief Headlines

Bridge Strikes Hurt Bystander Nations (4-10-99)


Independent Journalist Slain in Belgrade (4-12-99)


Commentary From Said and Ehrenreich

Despite Britain's prominent role in the NATO strikes against
Serbia, the mainstream press in London echoes a growing swell
of public distaste for war in their own backyard.

It's time the world stood up to the American bully
by Edward Said, London Observer 4-11-99

Bombin' Bill going mano a mano against Sadistic Slobo: we like that
by Barbara Ehrenreich, London Guardian 4-8-99


(Free registration is required to read these two essays.)

Audio Reading of Letters and Email

On April 5, MADRE held a benefit in New York
to raise money for food relief for refugees.
Letters and email about the war were read
by Vanessa Redgrave, Tim Robbins and others.
You can hear excerpts from the evening which
Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now broadcast:


Featured Resources

News In Depth: The Kosovo War from the Commondreams
News Center features background links along with
news and views updated daily.

Featuring a range of perspectives from commentators such
as Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, and Michael Albert:

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