Kosovo: Vez poruka

Sat, 5 Jun 1999 12:29:49 -0400

K O S O V O mejling lista
Kosovo@yurope.com je privatan forum za razgovor u vezi sa udarom
NATO pakta na SRJ. Lista sluzi kao dopuna vestima, sa temama
vazanim za zivot i prezivljavanje civilnog stanovnistva SRJ.

Narode moj,
bojim se da ce ovi mamlazi ponoviti ono sto su uradili pre osam godina u
Iraku. Nakon primirja, dok se Iracka armija povlacila iz Kuvajta ameri i
ostali su ih bombardovali i tom prilikom ubili nekoliko desetina hiljada
vojnika. Ovde u americi niko ne prica nista o razoruzavanju kla, kako je
Dzimi Sej izjavio sinoc na konferenciji oni se nadaju (@#$#@!) da ce kla
pokazati uzdrzanost kada se nasa vojska bude povlacila? Takodje je izjavio
da ce prestati sa bombardovanjem onda kada za njih zadovoljavajuci procenat
nase vojske napusti polozaje. Nista konkretno sa njihove starne dok su se
jutros njihovi predstavnici sastali sa nasim i kako kazu ovde da bi nasima
dali naredjenja oko povlacenja koje treba da se zavrsi za sedam dana s tim
sto PVO treba da otkrije polozaje i demontira opremu u roku od 48 sati. Na
kraju svega ovoga moze samo nekoliko stotina nasih vojnika da se vrati na
Kosovo i to da bi razmontirali mine i stitili nase spomenike. Inace borbe
na granici sa Albanijom jos uvek traju.
Hvala Makedoncima i Grcima na podrsci, a mi ostali ostanimo slozni!
Vojsci Jugoslavije ljubim ruke.
Voli vas Binka Nikolic

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> Budi se Mira u toku noci i ustaje da se proseta po kuci.
> Odlazi do jednog prozora, kad tamo vojnik.
> Uplasi se ona, odmah otrci na drugu stranu kuce, kad i tamo
> vojnik. Obidje i ostale prozore, svugde vojska.
> Vraca se u sobu, budi Slobu i...
> S: sta je Miro, sto me budis?
> M: sta je bre ono, na svakom prozoru po jedan vojnik?
> S: Ma ne boj se. To su granicari.

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To: kosovo@yurope.com
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Subject: FW:

Saljem vam tekst koji je moj prijatelj Nenad Obradovic uputio Luiz Arbur.

Zbog nestanka struje, kvara na kompjuteru, kao i trazenja saglasnosti,
kasnim nekoliko dana sa distribuiranjem ovog teksta.

No, bez obzira na to, mislim da je tekst napisan veoma dobro i da moze da
posluzi i drugima koji se bave slicnom tematikom.

S pozdravom,

Aleksandar Popovic

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>To: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
>Att. Mrs. Justice Louise Arbour
>Dear Madame,
>Today I have heard on the news about the indictment of President of
Yugoslavia Mr.Slobodan Milosevic.I was very surprised at the decision of the
Court to pronounce such an idicment and the timing of it (in the middle of
the negotiation process to settle the NATO aggression in a peaceful way).
>I am an ordinary citizen of Yugoslavia (Serbia) not a supporter of
Mr.Milosevic (that I want to stress out) who is very affected with the
current situation in the Balkans and the wrong policy of all sides
>Daily I see pictures on CNN,BBC or other electronic Media including TV
Serbia and wonder are we all crazy or what? CNN and BBC are in the hands of
NATO propaganda totally (independent news are a futuristic idea) and TV
Serbia is fighting a loosing war of Media and can not compete as the
premises where bombed. Of course it's also a propaganda of Mr.Milosevic but
what could we expect in a War time situation?
>I daily see on BBC and CNN the pitiful columns of Albanians refugees and my
heart goes for them as my heart goes for my parents,friends and people who
are daily bombed for no reason at all,who are daily witnessing a total
destruction of our country.
>All this should and must have been settled in a political way not by war
planes and bombs. No Ultimatums should be brought up in Paris talks (take it
or leave it-if you leave it you will be bombed and killed???)
>Who can give order to bomb a sovereign nation and order destruction and get
away with it? Who can expel thousands of people and get away with it?
>Well according to You, Milosevic can NOT get away with it and should be
brought up and face the Court but NATO leaders (both political and army) CAN
get away with it by saying:
>-sorry it's a collateral damage (over 1.000 innocent civilians killed and
the total destruction of our country's economy)
>-Mr.Milosevic is guilty for everything (He did not make the bombs and gave
the order for them to be thrown did he?)
>-We said it wont be easy and we said that there would be "collateral
damage" but we are not against Serbia people just against the
>Milosevic's regime and his genocidal war machine?
>I can ask only one question: Dear Madame who will bring back our dearest
ones from the grave (killed by a NATO bomb while sleeping or
>killed while shopping or killed while playing or.......more then one
thousand or's..)
>Who will be facing the Court on charges: for making crimes against
humanity, genocide, killing of innocent people etc...
>Will you bring only the Serbs (as usual) or you will indict also the NATO
leaders or they will get away with it by saying:
>-we did it all to defend the poor refugees, and stop the Serbia aggression
(in their own land) against the poor civilians (KLA trained by CIA)
>-we did it in order to show NATO's power and solidarity (read:credibility)
>-ethnic cleansing can not happen in Europe (what happened to Mr.Tudjman and
Croatian authorities who have expelled and murdered thousands of Serbs in
Lika? Did you indict them too?)
>-NATO can not loose this war in order not to lose its credibility. (how
many lives this will cost-sorry I meant to say collateral damage)
>So Dear Madame, ( I have read somewhere that the Justice is equal to the
poor or the rich , to the strong or week to the Serbs or NATO )
>1/ By Western opinion there is a very strong case against Mr.Milosevic:
>- Expelling of refugees (NATO did help a lot with the bombing campaign )
>- alleged mass killing (should be proven when the war is over)
>- destruction of property,looting and raping
>2/ We (Serbs) have a very strong case against the NATO and their political
>-bombing and wilful killing and causing serious injury to innocent
civilians (they pleaded guilty on BBC admiting that NATO has bombed and
killed inocent civilians- you have evidence of this-colateral damage was the
word for killing)
>-destruction of infrastructure, comunications, electricity power, polution
in order to create human catastrophy not justified by military necessity
>-plotting to terorise one whole nation in order to overthrow the
democraticaly elected leadership
>-open violation against the UN charter and International Law, the NATO
charter itself, GenevaConvention, Princilpes of International Law Recognized
by Nurmberg Tribunal
>So please be so kind to explain what is the difference between Mr.Milosevic
for example from one side to Mr.Clinton or Mr.Blair or Mr.Solana or other
NATO leaders? Is the difference in the word "colateral damage" (for me it
has the sam meaning = killing) in the name of Humanity?
>-When Yugolsav Army and Police kills Albanians(KLA and innocent civilians-
colateral damage) it is mass murder, genocide, acts against humanity
>-When NATO bombs and kills incoent civilians and army, police units its
colateral damage and stopping of Milosevic Killing Mashine
>What is the difference: I think that there is no diference its only KILLING
whatever explained by Mr.Robin Cook or Mr.Jamie Shea
>You can not justify killing civilians in Belgrade or Nis in order to
protect civillians in Kosovo from being ethnicaly cleansed.You can not
destroy one country by bombing (military strategy for softening up
Mr.Milosevic) in order to give Autonomy to Kosovo Albanians.This is a
criminal act and should be treated as such same as it is in ethnicaly
cleansing of inocent civilians. (Serbs are also cleansed don not forget
>All of those who have committed crimes against Serbs or Albanians should
equaly be brought to face the Justice no one can do wrong and get away with
>If Mr.Milosevic is proved of this he too should be judged but the other
persons (NATO) who planned,prepared and executed this campaign, publicly
stated that these are legal targets, who have remained sole judges what is a
legitimate target or not,should be brought to Justice and then we could say
that you are righteous and just.
>The evidence you have in statements of NATO leaders accepting the defaults
of bombs,targeting wrong targets,killing of inocent people (collateral
damage) and TV broadcasting from NATO headquarters from
Mr.Clintons/Blairs/Allbrights/Solana etc statements. Do you need more then
that to act? They have clearly stated that they ARE GUILTY so .....
>My name is Nenad Obradovic and I am a real person

From: "Dusan Miladinovic" <mdusan@EUnet.yu>
To: <Undisclosed.Recipients@smtp.EUnet.yu>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 03:07:30 +0200

Beograd, 05.jun.1999 godine, 02:55h.

Sta da Vam kazem, da komentarisem sta se
ovde desavalo na politickom planu - necu, nema
neke velike svrhe, ali cisto Vam mogu reci, tako
nekako predosecam, ovo ne da nije kraj, nego je
tek pocetak sta ce da se desava. To sto smo mi
potpisali, vec mnogi stavljaju macku o rep, a da
znate ni Bombardovanje nije stalo. Svaki dan se
IZIVLJAVAJU, jer to je jedina rec za ono sto sada
rade. Doduse u smanjenom intezitetu, ali kakve to
veze ima i dalje nam ruse zemlju.

Znaci, jos nije stalo ni ono, sto je primarni cilj ove
liste - NoBombs, a kamo li nesto drugo.

Jos nesto, svi Vi koji ste iz zaista dobrih namera
hteli da nam, pa i meni, uputite novcanu pomoc,
moram ovako, javno da se javim i izjasnim.

Nazalost, nisam hteo tu temu da nacinjem dok se
makar sa Gagijem ne posavetujem, ali verujte mi,
covek sada ima mnogo preca posla, tako da cu
odgovoriti samo u svoje ime.

Ono sto sam radio, od samoga pocetka, 24.marta.
1999 godine, sam radio zato sto sam osecao da
to treba raditi i da se to mora raditi. Plata za taj trud
su zaista velika pisma podrske, sto javno, sto privatno,
sto ste mi upucivali, tako da meni druga plata ne treba.
Moj patriotizam jednostavno ne moze i ne sme da se
brka sa parama. Ja sve sto sam radio, niti sam radio
za pare, niti za slavu (sta god neki medju Vama mislili),
vec samo u jednom cilju - a to je da ovo ludilo, a to je
jedina i prava rec - stane.

Ludilo ne da nije stalo, nego se jos i pogorsalo. Ko zna
sta nas sve jos ceka.

E sad, ako ste ZAISTA mislili da skupljate ikakvu pomoc,
ostanite pri toj nameri, jer ce POMOC bilo kakve prirode,
ali konkretna, biti potrebna.
Trebace onome NARODU na Kosovu, Srpskome, koji
vrlo lako, ako se sve obistini sto je potpisano, ce da se

Dragi moji, ja nisam Beograd.com koji vapi za desetinama
hiljada dolara (mada toliko trosi jedan provajder mesecno,
a ne SAJT), niti sam neko tamo kome trebaju sateliski
telefoni, notebookovi ili ostale dzidza bidze, ali Vas ipak
MOLIM da pare sakupljate, ako nista drugo, da biste
pomogli pravog HEROJA medju nama - Gagija, ako ne
bude imao ikakvih drugih izbora, sem da se iseli sa Kosova.

Neka mi Gagi izvini na ovim recima, mozda sam ga
povredio, nije mi bila namera, ali dragi moji, TAKVA
je situacija SADA na KOSOVU I METOHIJI.

A vi se i dalje prepucavajte da li je plan dobar ili nije.

P.S. Mozda nije lose da neku crkavicu uplatite i onom
Branku Ivanisevicu, pa covek javno trazi tako stogod,
mora da mu zaista treba...

P.P.S. Jedino mi je zao, sto niko nije shvatio moj apel, za
jedinom stvari, koja je meni licno, ali za sve vas,
bila potrebna - a to je digitalni foto aparat. Takve
sam slike mogao da pravi, da bi ste mozda i shvatili
sta Vam ja to pricam...

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