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Christians Fight NATO Islamophilia


Paris, April 2, 1999, Mideast Newswire, staff.

In a statement released in Paris, the newly formed "International Christian Front" (ICF) said NATO has become the "tool of Islamic imperialism worldwide, and is acting on behalf of the oil forces instead of defending the security and values of the Christian-rooted Western civilization." The new coalition of politicla forces which "believes in an international political agenda for the Christian world," said "NATO, and the foreigh policy establishment of the United States are clearly guided by financial
blocs which serves the interests of Islamic regimes around the world." In his statement the ICF said: "the current attacks against Serbia are certainly not driven by human rights considerations, although human tragedies are taken place indeed in Kosovo. The decision by the foreign policy establishment in Washington to bomb Serbia and to demonize its people has been carefully planned by politicla lobbies which aim is the establishment of a new islamic state in the Balkans after the Muslim-led
regime was consolidated in Bosnia. While the ICF doesn't oppose seld determination to Muslim nations, and would encourage such policy in general, it resents the fact that NATO governments, particularly those of the US and the UK have been part of political moves which led to the genocide of Christian peoples in the past few years, and still refuse to aid those Christian nations in jeopardy. The ICF is particularly concerned by the extremely bias policy of NATO governments towards Muslim issues while totally neglecting the legitimate causes of so many Christian communities around the world."

The ICF added that "while the Muslim world has been able to construct a strategy worldwide and is successfully using the resources of historically Christian nations such as America, England, Russia, Germany and France, the Christian peoples around the world are left to the appetite of Islamic imperialism with no intrenational Christian concerns. The ICF was lainched
to fill the gap of international Christian solidarity in front of the abandonment of weaker Christian nations around the world."

With regards Kosovo, the ICF said "we are extremely sad to see those images of thousand of civilians fleeing their homes across the borders and we are calling for an immediate halt to the fighting as a way to render humanitarian assistant available to the needy. And in this regard we call on the secretary general of the United Nations to call for an immediate meeting of the Security Council to discuss a global solution to Kosovo and the Balkan crisis. We are concerned to see the United Nations paralysed while it should and must be the major instrument for solving ethnic and international crisis. "

The ICF said: "We urge the United States government which was elected by a majority of Christian citizens in America to stop its air and ground campaigns against the Christian nation of Serbia, and we do call on the Serbian regime to avoid any consequence on the civilians of Kosovo while battling the terrorist group called KLA. The ICF resent also the domination
by Islamist-financed agents of many mainstream media posted in the Balkan's region. Those so-called journalists are participating in the massacre of truth, and denying the true journalists from informing world opinion, and particularly the Christian international opinion about real developments both historically and ongoing."

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