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Letter to Clinton from USA WW2 Veteran


William Jefferson Clinton
President of the United States
The White House
Washington D.C.

March 30, 1999
Re: copy of original text sent by e-mail, March 29, 1999

Dear President Clinton,

Fifty years after the Allies' victory in WWII, the USA has not only betrayed its Allies, the USA has betrayed the very principles for which we fought.

Fifteen years ago, long reports were being submitted to the UN about the violent oppression of the Serbian minority in Kosovo by the ethnic Albanians (1982-83). Nothing was done. Now the USA is supporting an extreme Albanian Militant group as if it had long been "oppressed."

The involvement in Kosovo is exactly as if an outside dictatorship had supported a militant Hispanic group in Arizona, except that such group does not exist and therefore the parallel remains weak to the imagination

I have been a loyal Democrat from the day that I was seven years old and stepped into a voting booth with my dad in 1931 when he voted for Franklin D. Roosevelt, to the recent special election in my district, where I am proud to say I voted for Representative Barbara Lee.

I have been a staunch supporter of yours throughout your administration.  As a WWII veteran I would defend you and others of your generation who did not serve in Vietnam. I would tell my contemporaries that the two wars were as different as apples and oranges. I would label people like Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich, and Ken Starr, "Chicken Hawks". They had the influence to avoid the draft, but continued to support the Vietnam War.

During WWII, I was a decorated veteran of the OSS. My tour of duty included six months on the island of VIS in the Adriatic in 1944, where our unit participated in Commando raids on the Yugoslavian Dalmatian Coast. Our American group fought with the loyal, brave and heroic Yugoslavia guerrilla forces. Within Yugoslavia, there were divided groups of support. The Ustashis
and Croats were Nazi sympathizers while the Muslims and Albanians were a non factor in that war. The Serbs, however, never wavered from their loyal support of the ally cause.

Many American lives were saved by the courageous Yugoslavian guerrilla units. I recall that one day seventeen American B 24 Bombers returning from bombing raids either crash landed or the crews parachuted on Vis. Scores more Americans were rescued on the mainland of Yugoslavia by our ally during those trying times.

President Clinton, you resisted our involvement in Vietnam. Don't send our young men to fight another immoral war. Not unlike the Vietnamese, you will find another formidable adversary.


Andrew S. Mousalimas
Oakland, California

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