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The riot police are still in downtown Belgrade with an order to disperse all groups of citizens that may appear. Among those injured last night are some University professors including Prof. Zoran Lucic, chief of the Geometry Chair at the School of Mathematics, Prof.Milan Mirkovic, professor of the General Psychology at the School of Philosophy and Prof. Slobodan Vujosevic, a professor of the University of Montenegro, also a federal MP. At the sick bay of the School of Philosophy there are 15 injured people at the moment.

A column of 30000 students made by merging of several smaller ones has crossed Branko's bridge at 15.00 today, where the police used violence against the peaceful demonstrators last night. The students surrounded the building of the former Association of Communists of Yugoslavia, now the headquarters of the Socialist Party. The police kept a low profile this time.

The Public Prosecutor of Serbia refused to meet the students once again. The representatives of the Student Protest stated that that was the last attempt to meet him.

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