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With this letter we inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs that we, the Students of the Universities in Belgrade, have walked today, on 3rd February 1997, the same places where the peaceful demonstrators, citizens of Belgrade have been just 12 hours ago, when one of the most brutal attacks on the freedom and honor of Serbia was made.

We consider it our duty and an obligation to ask for the responsibility of all those who wish to make a division between "good" and "bad" demonstrators, and to demand that you change your decision to normalize the traffic on the cost of human lives into a decision to declare the state of emergency and so give a true meaning to your previous actions.We emphasize that the victims hurt in your efforts to normalize traffic are mostly students,who you can not deprive of the right to be the citizens as well, with your night-sticks.

We ask you to call your barbaric methods with appropriate names. We consider the fact that we have had the privilege of walking the blood-stained streets freely, to be the culmination of hypocrisy of the government and we state that we will be on the side of truth and justice, i.e. on the side of the citizens of Belgrade till the end.

The Students of Belgrade

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