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"Dear Sir or Madam,

We have been informed by people from the state Television RTS (Radio Television - Serbia) that they are unilaterally cancelling the lease contract. In their letter they explained this is due to the fact that BK Telecom has 'unpaid bills'.

Since the deal was that we will write off part of their debt to our company BK SYSTEM (part of which is BK Telecom), we believe there are other reasons for this. Having in mind the current political crisis in Serbia and the fact that BK Telecom informed its viewers about the events in a professional manner, it is obvious that political motives are behind this decision. In short, this is the attempt by the state (and its media) to introduce media blockade, as it was the case with Radio B-92 and Radio Index.

We kindly ask you to do everything in your to power to prevent attempts to shut us down.

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Thank you for your understanding.

Editors and journalists. BK TELECOM."

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