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Tuesday' session of the Serbian Parliament, apart from discussing the Bill on election results, will announce a reshuffle of the Serbian Government, the Belgrade daily "Blic" reported on Friday.

"Blic" said that the Ministers of Education, Industry and Private Enterprise were expected to leave the Government following their resignations last week. The Ministers of Finance and Justice are also expected to be replaced.

In that reshuffled government, Miodrag Popovic, a journalist with Radio Television Serbia, will take up the post of Government Spokesman, replacing the current Minister of Information.

Both the Ministries for Religion and for Relations with Serbs outside Serbia will be abolished, and the Ministry for Private Enterprise will become the Ministry for Transformation of the Economy and Ownership Rights.

The Ministry for Education will cease to be responsible for higher education, and will focus solely on primary and secondary education. The new Education Minister will be Milos Aleksic, Yugoslav United Left party member and former best-man at Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic's wedding to Mirjana Markovic. The Ministry for Science will take over responsibility for university education.

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