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Dragi studenti, kolege, braco i sestre,
U ovim vaznim trenucima razvoja demokratije, ljudskih prava i vracanje dostojanstva nasem narodu, imate punu i otvorenu podrsku od studenata univerziteta drzava New York i New Jersey, USA. Mnogo nam je zao sto fizicki nismo prisutni sa vama, ali u svakom trenutku mislimo na vas i molimo se za konacne promene. U nadi za bolja vremena,

Marko Stojanovic predsednik Srpskog Kluba, Stevens Institute of Technology.

Jason Eliopulous president of Greek Club, Stevens Institute od Technology.

podrska istih klubova : New York State University, New York University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, Ramapo College, Cornell University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Hunter College, St. Mary's University, Mont Clair College, Kean College, Drew University.

Our best wishes - to put it mildly! - to the students and workers and citizens of Belgrade. I wish that Clinton would make some statement of support.

Fraternally, David McReynolds Socialist Party and War Resisters League

Dear friends,

With this message pax christi international wants to support all democratic initiatives taken in Yugoslavia. We do sincerely hope that the current activities will be organised in a non-violent way.

pax christi international pax christi youth forum

Dear Friends,

We follow with great interest the events in Belgrade. We sustain the students of Belgrade university in their actions and their protest.

With all our solidarity and friendly messages,


AKADEMICKY SENAT FILOZOFSKEJ FAKULTETY BRATISLAVI Univerzita Komenskeho Gondova 2 Slovenska Republika

Greetings from Globalvision, the New York based producers of the human rights TV series RIGHTS & WRONGS. We have covered B92 and anti-war protests in the past and report on all just struggles for democracy and human rights.

People in the United States have been reading about your efforts with respect and admiration. Do you feel you are being fairly coverered overseas?

danny schechter executive producer for Rights & Wrongs

Never stop in your fight for democracy.

Use peaceful means to gain attention and do not resort to violence. Be better than those who try to opress you.

You will win.

Mike Greehan Publisher, BICYCLING Magazine U.S.A

We condemn the decision of the quisling Serbian Supreme Court to let stand the annulment of municipal elections won tby the opposition party, "Zajedno".

We call on Slobodan Milosevic to demand that members of his party who lost the recent municipal elections step down.

We demand that the President of Serbia give voice to all of the people by freeing the media of government control.

We urge the workers of Serbia to unite with the protestors in opposition to the ruling party.

We implore all leaders of the free world to personally request of the government of Serbia to honor the results of the municipal elections.

We ask that Mira Markovic pull that plastic flower out of your head and replace it with something real! You're an embarrassment to the Serbian people.

We are with you braco i sestre. May God smile down on you.

Members Serbian Cultural Club, St. Sava Chicago, IL U.S.A.

Postovani prijatelji.
dozvolite da Vam posaljem izjavu Ceskog helsinskog komiteta. Komitet je imao svoju godisnju sednicu, kde smo se dogovorili da treba pomoci demonstrantima u Beogradu i drugim gradovima Jugoslavije. Molim da izvinite moj los prevod sa ceskog jezika, koji mozete slobodno korigirati. Mirko Radusevic, novinar magazina Mlady svet


Ceski helsinski komitet i gradjani, koji su se sastali povodom Dana ljudskih prava u Pragu 7.12.1996, izrazavaju podrzku gradjanima Jugoslavije, koji ovih dana ponovno demonstriraju u beogradskim ulicama za svoja ljudska i gradjanska prava.
Trazimo, da nasi predstavnici i pre svega Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova CR, sa ostalim predstavnicima svetske javnosti primene pozitivan stav prema demonstrantima u Jugoslaviji da svojom izjavom predstavnicima SR Jugoslavije izraze svoju podrzku demonstranata:
- da ne smeju biti krsena prava propisana ustavom zemlje,
- da vlasti ne upotrebljavaju nasilje protiv demostranata,
- da informacije o demonstracijama i zelje demostranata nece biti cenzurirana u medijima,
- da budu postovani rezultati lokalnih izbora.
Ceski gradjani su sami pre sedam godina doziveli slicnu situaciju i dobro znaju, kakav znacaj za demokratske zelje demonstranata ima podrska svetske javnosti.
Mi, gradjani koji smo se sastali na seminaru povodom Dana ljudskih prava u Pragu izrazavamo tako svoj solidaritet i podrsku.

U ime 83 gradjana Ceske republike
Martin Palous
predsednik Ceskog helsinskog komiteteta
U Pragu 7.12.1996

Yugoslav Film Distributors' Association

Announcment of the Yugoslav Film Distributors' Association
To the Students of the University of Fine Arts

Yugoslav Film Distributors' Association supports peaceful protests and demands of the students of the University of Fine Arts.
As a proffesional association, not involved in politics - we appeal to everybody on our political stage to find the best peaceful solution for the present and future of our people.

Belgrade, 11th december 1996

Members of the Executive Board of the Association

Association of the Film Artists of Serbia

The Students' Protest 96


Public Statemant

Association of the Film Artists of Serbia supports all justified protests of the Students of Belgrade University and other schools in Serbia, caliming the respect for election will of the citizens.
Association of the Film Artists of Serbia reminds that it had congratulated all election winners after the second round of elections (20.11.1996), considering then and now that the elections were finished and that no court may alter the election will opf the citizens.

Head of the
Association of the
Film Artists of Serbia

Support from the Hungarian students

to the students of Belgrade

Today at noon the students of the Budapest University will gather in front of the Yugoslav embassy, and they will express their support to the Belgrade students. They understand and completely support us in our protest, and the youth of Hungary will be with us today at noon. We are sending a message to the Budapest students:

We will persist until the end!!!

Students of the University of Art

To the Initiative Board
of the Economic School
of Belgrade

We thank you for your letter dated December 4th, 1996

We support your demand for the protection of the constitutionally guaranteed civil rights, for the rule of law and for determining of the real outcome of the elections.
We support your choice not to be either on the opposition or the government side.

With respect
The Board of Directors of the Economicist's Society of Yugoslavia
Academician Branislav Soskic, Ph D

Writers Association of Serbia

A Call for Solidarity

The Menagement of The Writers Association of Serbia has supported the demands for the recognition of results of the second round of municipal elections made by the citizens of Belgrade hold on nov.17.1996.
The coalition "Zajedno (Together)" was victorious on the elections, taking 60 seats at the Belgrade's City Hall, out of the possible 110 seats. The Menagement of the WA has condemned the ban put on Radio B92 and Radio Index, as well as suppression of free media in Serbia. On nov.28.1996. The Menagement of The WA also suppported the Students' Protest against the annulment of the will of the people, the violation of the Constitution and the law by those people that are obligated to uphold and respect it.
The fact being that the authorities ignored and are still ignoring all the requests for the respect of the will of the people, as a basic democratic principle, and thus causing the prolonging of the Citizens' and Students' Protest which can not be given up on beacause of it's righteousness and legitimate demands, and with me being the President of the WA, I make this call to the writers and readers of Serbia, to support the rightful demands with their signatures which will be taken at Francuska street, Number 7, at the headquartes of the WA.

The Chairman of the WA
Slobodan Rakitic

Playwriters' Association of Serbia

Declaration of the chairman of the Playwriters' Association of Serbia

The basis of our profession is a word.
Nowadays, it is being broken.
A given word is broken, a spoken word, a written word and a published word.
Without a word we, the playwriters, cease to exist.


A free word is the foundation of a democratic society.
In order to live in such a society, our word must not be stole, supressed or forbidden.

The chairman of
the Playwrites' Association
of Serbia