Serbian Patriarch To the students of the University of Belgrade

Serbian Patriarch

To the students of the University of Belgrade

I address you, the students of the University of Belgrade, who have spent the last month expressing your feelings for truth, justice and democratical respect of freely stated will of the people, which has always been a noble feature of the youth.
It is good that you are expressing your attachment to the high ideals in a peaceful, dignified manner, which is not always the feature of the young when they stand up for their rights.
The burden of the Evil that has happened to our people during the civil war is such that it has put an immence pressure on everybody, and has awoken your youth to think about the aim of living, the purpose of suffering, and an attitude that it is one thing to act like a man, and another to act like a beast.
Such an attitude, evangelistic and humane, is greeted and blessed by the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Church prays for God's help, so that you know that you can always, now as well as in the future, rise above all things lower and less important, especially inhuman, for the sake of justice, salvation of the people, their freedom and dignity.
With the blessings of the st. Sava and all the saints, of our origin,
a fatherly greeting from
Serbian Patriarch,

21st December 1996