From the Initiative Board of Students' Protest '96

To President of Serbia, Mr. Slobodan Milosevic

Dear Mr. President,

The present state of our country is very dramatic. It seems that we are one step from democracy but, at the same time, it seems that we are that close to a civil war, too.
And, it is a New Year. It is time when we all have right to make a wish; students wish peace and democracy for Serbia. We hope that you will not tell us that we have addressed this letter to a wrong man. You have already made your first move - you have invited the OSCE representatives to Serbia to establish real results of the local elections. We are sorry that this disputation could not be solved within the state institutions, but we do support your act of inviting the OSCE. Now, when the truth is known, we should make another step - sooner we accept the findings of the OSCE representatives, sooner we will be able to turn to other important questions that oru future is based on. With each day of further hestitation we are more and more distanced from the world we desperately long for.
Now is the time for you to act like a statesman, that means honourable and decisively. And you will see - we will have a happy 1997.

Dusan Vasiljevic in front of the Initiative Board of Students' Protest '96