THE DIAGNOSIS: the post-communist syndrome of ethical insensitivity.

THE CAUSE OF ILLNESS: Just as we enjoy watching summer showers from a safe place (our friend Mira, so she claims, is fondest of rainy weather), we like to dream of an ideal society as well (it is especially nice to do so in one of the villas of the Forbidden City), which has been worked out in detail in the communist ideology. Alas, just as showers not only never bring any good, but mostly only leave devastation behind them, so the communism, as experience teaches us, brings great problems, and the society influenced by it becomes ill. Communist ideas are capable of destructing, and in a relatively short period of time, too, all the positive characteristics of the society that were being established for centuries. Characteristics, such as responsibility, patriotism, conscientiousness and diligence, represent an immunological mechanism of its own kind, which has been, by the act of transition from the personal to the social level, first diluted, and then annihilated.

THE SYMPTOMS: lack of criticism, submissiveness, greediness, lack of emotion (the only emotion is despair), lack of principles, disregard for religion, alienation and idleness, which include all the segments of the society, from the man as individual to the complete community.

THE EFFECTS: reduction of living standard, destruction of family, increase in suicide and homicide rates, decrease in birth rate, a boost in the number of refugees..., which threatens to bring our society to a complete breakdown and cause our gender to fritter away in a few years.

THE THERAPY: Since the most effective cure wasn't applied in time, i.e. since a substantial change of authorities wasn't made six years ago (like in the countries which had similar problems, but are presently far ahead of us), a long and exhaustive struggle is now necessary. The treatment supposes daily walks in the clean air, and especially during the news broadcasts, and purification of lungs by blowing whistles and similar instruments. By all means the patient should avoid contact with the media, because they spread the virus of communism and deceit, and should at the same time communicate with people who wear pins, who smile self-confidently as they pass through the streets. For those who are particularly fond of watching the rain, it is recommended to do so only through the window, without burdening their environment with pathetic observations. It is strictly prohibited to lose Hope and Belief (Love comes on her own, if we earn it with our persistence in Hope and Belief).


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