No, you were not misinformed. Roughly at 14.00 yesterday, the cordon of the dear old people's police was penetrated by a flashing and totally unexpected move by the students of BU. This is how it all came to be. After the usual assembly at Plato the students (approximately 5,000) started a round up of the narrow centre of town. The procession departed from Knez Mihajlova street, went on to Vasina street, around The Students' square and back to Knez Mihajlova. From here the students returned to Vasina street (at this stage, the number of students melted down to a "moderate" 2000) and entered Students' square street. During all this time our good-natured keepers watched over us peacefully, alertly but without too much interest, BUT... at one instant turmoil began in the student procession (somewhere near the Blue Rider) and to the surprise of your (over)esteemed reporter and everybody else, the procession, guided by the security, shouting "go forward swiftly", continued in the already mentioned direction instead of, as everyone expected, turning to the Brace Jugovica street and returning to the Plato. We all started running, lacking organization, and came to a passageway in the same street (a little behind Simina). Then, of course, the majority grasped the purpose of this spontaneous alteration in the itinerary. The minority, on the other hand, was represented by a group of boys in blue, which protected the passage through the Simina street and watched the overjoyed students in awe, while their commander (at present, probably, already a traffic policeman), first in a confused, and later in a panicked tone of voice, screamed for help in his radio-station, quote: "...I don't know, some entrance...How should I know where it leads to?...But, how can I prevent them?..." -Oh, how vicious those students are. And so, the 'spoonful' of students, through a web of hallways, staircases and passageways, reached the 7th of July street in order to make its victorious rush to the street Cara Dusana. Here they merged with the rest of the procession, which then started its way to the Bitef Theater, exclaiming "let's go walking", "1:0", "We penetrated the cordon", etc. During the whole operation, the Belgraders were monitoring us, some with surprise, some with enthusiasm (somebody even asked "Aren't you blocked?"). With a huge delay of approximately 20 minutes, our armed (non)fellow-citizens joined us, obviously breathless from running. They must be out of shape, which is usually the consequence of NOT ENOUGH MOVEMENT (or Walking, if you please) so we, in a certain way, did them a favor (and WE turn out to be profascists and boogie-men in the end). But, alas, the inevitable happened - they blocked our way with cordons again (we almost started missing them). The students tried to behave like 'ordinary' citizens, so they headed for the sidewalks to pursue their walk, but 'they' couldn't be fooled (or someone's index, sticking out of his pocket, betrayed him). And so, after a short toying with the bluefaced, the merry procession started for the Plato with hands behind their heads. Even a few, now already experienced cordons of the police forces members could be spotted along the way, 'defending' the passages to the sidestreets. Many saw us off with smiles, almost shyly (from the background a constatation 'Good show, chaps' could be heard), it is possible that we will be seeing more traffic policemen on the streets tomorrow (today). Speaking of the day in question - we have both psychological and numerical advantage over 'the cage'. Psychological, because we are in the 1:0 lead and Dostoevsky is yet to encounter them (and who knows what else); numerical, because we are to expect the blocking of all the suers and other (im)possible passages - who knows which mischief the 'idle' students will think of next.


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