Our strength is based on our belief that we are doing the right thing fighting for the truth, while the only weapon in this peaceful and cultural protest is our persistence. Today, on the 49th day of the students' protest, we have decided that our persistence should exceed its present limits. It is high time for the party in power to stop using the police to defend their harmful policy. The Internal Affairs officials, starting from their chronically hungover minister, their special forces and phantom anti-terrorist squads (black cherokee jackets with no official markings) all the way down to the traffic policemen (with a few exceptions), have become personal bodyguards of Mr. President. Protecting the people who have turned the law into an abstraction, the police, with an excuse that they are trying to enable the normal flow of city traffic, are just a tool in the hands of a government which is trying to blanket out the sudden development of public awareness. The time has come to ensure the "gentle folk", who are skillfully using the police for their needs, that our protest shall not submit to their bans and regulations. Today, as in the past few days, we shall not take our walk through town. We shall stay in our free-zone and, assisted by our colleagues coming from Nis and Novi Sad, wait for the police cordons to withdraw from their positions. As usual, the gathering starts at Plato at noon, and after the program and the everyday students' walk ends, our special program shall commence at 15.00 (For the people who are still uninformed, the students are to be divided into three groups: Red, White and Blue and every group will be divided into three more groups (1,2 and 3). The students who have signed up for our program can get a card that will assign them to one of the groups at the School of Philosophy at 12.00. The people who want to sign up can do so today at the same place.). At 15.00 Group Red 1 will be the first one to face the cordon in Vasina street. They will be replaced by Group Blue 1 at 16:00, etc. At 18.00 we should all get onto the streets and after this Groups Red 2, White 2 and Blue 2 shall continue the program in 1-hour shifts. While one of the groups is facing the cordon, the rest of the students shall stay at the three schools in the town center. Various discussions, film projections and other forms of entertainment will be organized at the schools for the students. A program will be organized during the protest in the streets, too. The members of our security squad will be on full alert and they will be standing in front of the police cordon the whole time. The Initiative Board and Main Board assured us that they, too, shall be doing the same thing. Our competing with the police forces, to show who has more stamina and will, shall cease at the moment of their withdrawal-they will have to work hard this time to earn their wages.


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