1. Who framed Voter Rabbit?
  2. Alladin and the magic voting box
  3. 101 policemen
  4. Slobel and Grettel
  5. Gone with the club
  6. Throw Sloba from the train
  7. MUPpet show
  8. Snowwhite and the seven municipalities
  9. How the club was won
  10. The hunt for the red index
  11. Dumb, copper
  12. For a fistfull of whistles
  13. The scarlet Sloba
  14. Santa club
  15. The incredible lightness of beating
  16. Man bit a club
  17. Pippy Long Club
  18. Dances with cops
  19. From dusk 'til trauma center
  20. A little club for man, but large for mankind
  21. The protruted index

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