A report on the assembly of the students of the Mathematics Faculty

The assembly was held in VHA on Friday the 17. at 12:00. The assembly was attended by a great number of professors and assistants of the faculty and 300 students.

There were discussions about current events and the attitude of their faculty toward the decision made by the University Council. The Dean, Prof. Dr. Zoran Kadelburg, read a statement that was sent to the Council of the Belgrade University.

Vice-Dean, Prof. Dr. Desanka Radunovic, presented her plan for the compensation of class from the moment the protest ends. She said that there will not be condensation of curriculum because this would to a decrease in its quality. She added that the examination terms for advanced university students shall be held according to earlier schedule. Professor Zoran Lucic addressed the students to stress the support of their teachers.

There were enquiries about terms set earlier on, but the Vice-Dean said that the exams would not be held since the Teaching Board decided that neither class nor exams should be held until further notice.

There was an idea to make an enquiry among the students concerning the continuation of class, but the majority expressed that this was not necessary.

The obvious thing was that the teachers were in full support of their students and ready to cooperate in matters concerning class. So, since our teachers have no doubts whether to support us or not, the only question is do we trust ourselves? If we do, we know what should be done.


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