Two months of the protest have past during which time remarkable results have been achieved ( Psychological stability, spiritual revival...). One simply couldn't claim that we are the same people we were two months ago. We have overcome our apathy, opened the door that should lead us into the future so things are not what they used to be, and they probably never will be again. However, we have yet to make progress concerning the fulfillment of our modest and simple demands, while the authorities have succeeded to entangle us into their web of futile expectations which have time and again been replaced by, I hope, unnecessary anxiety. But the time has come to put a stop to their manipulations and cunning. It is time to lay all the cards on the table and show them our trumps. In this way we shall uncover all the bluffs they have made up until now.

So, this is what it is all about.
A small group of people from the Main Board of the Student Protest has been selected (some professors and other prominent people of our society will probably join this group) to sacrifice what is most dear to an individual. By restraining from one their vital body needs-food, these people shall patiently wait for the fulfillment of our demands and, in this way, put their health at great risk. Perseverance in this method of protesting, would supplement our actions in front of the police cordons, and this should altogether lead to a final victory.

This form of struggle between the Good and the Evil, Life and Death, Truth and Deceit, will offer the possibility of measuring the quantity of conscience possessed by those who caused the destruction and failure of our people and society. Namely, in this way, depending on the duration of their obstinate mindlessness, we will be able to measure the amount of conscience remaining in every one of them - we believe that every man possesses at least some. Since experience teaches us that the amount of their humanity is extremely small, we must prepare for a long term starvation, just like we showed them that we can remain in the streets for at least as long as the police. Numerous doctors and experienced ascetics will aid us in this. The diet, or, more precisely, the starvation will be carried out so that we can endure longer, because much time should be given to the consciences of those lacking it most, to penetrate the layers of lies, fraud, self-deceit and hypocrisy. Everything was conceived so that the voluntary fasters will lose appproximately one kilogram daily, and that it will take at least ten days before their lives are immediately endangered. And even if such self-sacrifice is insufficient for the stunted counsciences to awaken, then their lack of scrupules in their craving for power raises them to the level of the gratest criminals the history of humanity has known. Such people deserve a punishment compared to which the Court in Hague is but a kindegarden, and their, nevertheless certain, deaths completely justifies the existance of Hell.


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