The Institution for the Immediate Resistance to Justice and Truth of our so-called president decided again to be wiser and give in. At approximately 4:00, on January 27th A.D. the armed units of the previously mentioned institution withdrew from the streets, leaving the city to the gathered demonstrators. So, after 178 hours of an incessant and exhaustive protest party, the students awaited their green light. And it was about time. The city hasn't felt us for too long. The walk, which naturally followed, came and left us in the standardized custom and without incidents. Everything was just louder and merrier, inspired by the significant victory over our "live wall" (I read a poster somewhere saying '6:0' - it seems that we are moving to hand-ball results, at least according to our counting. Let's hope that they don't like basketball).

The protest procession, which was lengthening each following minute, made a, possibly even longest so far, walk through the city (not counting the walk to Zemun). The route covered was bounded by Republic Square on one side, the final destination - the Temple of St. Sava on the second, and with the Pancevo bridge on the third. That means that from the moment the cordon was broken until the beginning of the religious procession four hours passed, during which time the city was gradually "awoke" - from one part to the other. In "Grandma Olga's" street (Ive Lole Ribara) we were greeted by the already legendary old lady with a flag in her hands and an excited smile (it's been a while since we visited her last). We were again cheered by the citizens of Belgrade from their windows and balconies, and many came running to join the procession.

All in all, the long awaited walk refreshed the protest in time and made a glorious introduction to the St. Sava religious procession lead by the Serbian Patriarch, His Holiness Pavle.


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