The physicists

At the meeting of the physicists, today at noon, the students could receive information on the latest events concerning the protest. Everybody was obviously exhilarated with the success of the action "Cordon against cordon" which was completed the previous evening.

At the same gathering there was a debate about the further actions of our school in the protest. Also, the question of compensation of the missed lectures was discussed, as well as whether this school year will be acknowledged or not, i.e. will it be 'frozen'.

All the suggestions and objections connected with the today's topics were accepted by 'the chairman' of this meeting, who promised that he will present them at one of the future meetings of the Protest Board of the PMF. If these suggestions are accepted, they will be discussed within the Main Board.

All in all, many different opinions could be heard at the meeting, therefore we hope that some of them will help in making some important decisions connected with the further course of the protest.


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