The St. Sava religious procession

The collaboration with the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) began in a rather chaotic manner. At the very beginning of the Student Protest certain bishops were heard in their support to the students (the rasko-prizrenski bishop, Artemije sent the letter of support on the first day), but there was no official backing up. The Church, as an institution with many previous bitter experiences, was very wary. However, as our protest went on it was becoming more and more obvious to everybody, including the church, that our intentions and methods were righteous. This was followed by the famous announcement of the SPC and the New Year message of the Patriarch. Everything was followed by the presents from the Hilandar (the first and only copy of the icon Trojerucica and a cross). On one long and freezing night we stood before the cordon with the Metropolitan Amfilohije and broke it with his assistance. Immediately after this, a delegation visited the Patriarch and asked him to bless the constant residence of a clergyman before the cordon and an uncustomary fasting for the students (the bishops call for an uncustomary fasting only at the most critical of times, as the mightiest Christian method of struggle against evil). After the standing before the cordon for several days, in somewhat of a clinch, we were all tired, and a great danger of an incident was present. The only solution we saw becoming offered to us was the call for help to the holiday of St. Sava and the Patriarch. We asked him, although it is not customary, to organize a religious procession which will lead us through the cordon. Asked - done. Our darling monarch, at the very thought that his cordon will have to face the Patriarch, who carries a cross before him, swallowed a bitter pill and removed his little puppets as quickly as possible. As our people would say: "he ran as the devil from the cross". And immediately after the long awaited walk through the city a surreal religious procession was performed, with the help of many citizens.

St. Sava, probably the most important figure in our history, whom we largely neglect, nevertheless did not forget us. A huge river of people (the procession stretched from the Temple of St. Sava to Terazije) commenced its return to St. Sava on an unexpectedly nice weather and in a rather quiet walk.

The spontaneous singing of various spiritual and national songs could be heard, tearful eyes and proud looks could be seen, and the smell of victory could be sensed. Something that was sent to sleep for decades began to awake. And the Temple of St. Sava greeted the coming of the people with the gentle shine of the gold-plated cross.


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