Belgrade, January 30th
The council of deans, managers of the institutes and the members of the School Council of the University in Belgrade expressed nonconfidence to Dragutin Velickovic, the Chancellor, blaming him for the crisis in the government of the University.
The Chancellor's behavior and the manner in which he presented and represented the University during the Student Protest "is the main reason for the crisis in the government of the University", the deans and the managers og the institutes estimated.

Subotica, January 29th
Approximately 2500 peple participated in the protest gathering of the students in Subotica against the annulment of the local elections' results tonight.
Many cultural and public workers and some university professors, who hadn't previously taken part in the protest were present in the procession. The today's protest was the most massive and the loudest so far. The students of Subotica were greeted by the drivers who blew their horns, while they were walking the city. The police, present as always, wasn't disrupting the walk of the students and citizens, but only controlled the traffic.

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