Dragutin, Dragutin (ts, ts, ts)

The deans' meeting never happened, because the Chancellor didn't obey the agenda. Is there something he cannot not obey?

To the uninformed it would seem like one in along line of attempts to withold a position. For this reason we feel obligated to explain the noble strivings of our Chancellor.

Namely, more than two months ago our Chancellor grew seriously concerned for the health of his students. He noticed that most of them are pale and look exausted. As every true father to a big University family, he decided to help his children in every possible way. He realized that they urgently need to recover in fresh air, but a problem appeared - the Zlatibor stationary wasn't big enough for all his children. After a few minutes of intensive thinking, he made a program for recovery which would include all the students.

Before all, he decided to take them out to fresh air, for which long walks through the streets of the city were an ideal solution. The walks needed to gather as many students as possible, which would solve another problem of (not only) the student population - alienation. Lest the walks would become tedious and monotonous, another kind of activity was necessary, such as organizing a big brass orchestra, which would contribute to the purification of the student lungs, which are being poisoned with the exaust gases of our city.

Unfortunately, the mass walks became longer and longer. So, the danger appeared that the students' muscles would start getting sore, especially in those who spent all their time before the protest in studying, and were completely unaccustomed to this kind of activity. Therefore - their walking ground had to be bounded. The ideal solution for this were cordons, which would prevent the students, unaware of the basic rules of this form of recreation, to harm their physical health out of ignorance. This solution had another advantage - the students and the police, who, until now, except in the extraordinary cases, never had the opportunity to contact each other, would now get acquainted. Physical exercises were next: jumping in one place, dancing to the beat of drums and similar things. The weather conditions were in favor of all this, because it is well known that the strengthening with the cold increases the organism's immunity. Not sleeping, as another of the ingenious ideas, ideally removes and disposes of the unnecessary surplus of brain cells. As an accompanying measure, a strict diet was proposed, because it is awfully hard to jump around with a full stomach, and is hazardous to health. Unfortunately, it turned out that the students had much better preparation (or motivation?) for this kind of activity than their co-sufferers. The walks escaped control again...

And, which is even worse, the students showed extreme ingratitude, by demanding the dismissal of the head of their family, not grasping what he is trying to do for them. We appeal to all of you: forgive him for overseeing a few things. First - the students are not at the University for their health, but to learn something, and, possibly, apply what they have learnt in their country, and not just as a best way to escape from it. Second - to walk through the city, in the old, happy days, you didn't need an index...


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