In motion

Two days have passed since the completion of the cordon against cordon action, and, maybe against our expectations (and hopes), the student walks were pursued in an equally good disposition as on day one. The energy of the protest procession could well be seen, as well as the excitement after the seven-day repose in front of the armed members of the undemocratic powers of the ruling party (there are two which could apply).However, there are alterations in the organization of the walks (in case you haven't noticed). Students are separated in groups now, each with a specified route (which is publicly announced immediately preceding the walk) to a mutual meeting place, after which they all walk together and end it in front of the Plato. This plan has been carried out twice so far (yesterday and the day before yesterday) and it showed as very effective. The walks are preceded with the student gatherings at their schools, where information on the daily activities and other news concerning the Protest can be attained.

It is undisputable that, after we confirmed again the grandeur of our intelectual nad physical power, that we will remain equally persistant in the Protest, regardless of any manouvres or tricks that the rusted ruling set could use to try to stir up or break our cristal clear initiative.


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