The School of Biology

Yesterday at 13:00, a very significant gathering of the students of biology took place. Out of three items on the agenda, and those were:

I The discussion and voting on (not) organizing the January/February examination terms
II The exchange of information on the continuity of the Student Protest
III Various topics

The first was the most substantial. The student representatives of the School of Biology came out against having exams in the regular terms. After letting the students speak, who reacted to this decision with suggestions and personal opinions, a public vote on the following issues was conducted:

  1. The postponement of the January/February examination term, with more than one examination date offered, when the extraordinary term is set. IF THE STUDENTS VOTE AGAINST THE FIRST SUGGESTION, A VOTE WILL BE CONDUCTED ON TWO ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS.
  2. Provided a student takes an exam in the regular January/February term, a student doesn't have the right for the extraordinary examination term which will be scheduled after the commencement of lectures.
  3. The decisions of other students don't apply to the advanced students.

The results of the vote:
328 for, 4 against, 28 withheld;
total 360

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