How much energy is necessary?

Every system can be picturesquely desribed with a well known scheme: At the middle is the core, and around it is the shell. In the atom, for instance, there are different kinds of charges present, at least there should be... When too much of this, or that charge are found in the atom, the system gets disturbed and becomes degenerated. Even when everything looks well and neutral to us, various malversations may be going on on the inside.

The systems are a very whimsical and relative thing... Depending on the microscopic lense one chooses to observe, different things can be seen, because, by their nature, they are full of faults, so, here and there, something can go by unnoticed. Contrary to their purpose, some lenses exist only for nothing to be seen through them.

So, the nucleus holds "the heaviest" members of the system, as well as the protons and the neutrons, their weight cannon be exactly detirmined, but it is incontestable that it is impressive. Around the nucleus there is the shell, where the core's satellites are located, the essence of their existance is abidint to the laws and powers of the higher jurisdiction (the nucleus), such as the nuclear power, and furthermore, they protect the core. The purpose of the shell is also to, when the situation in the atom warms up, some satellite flies out (ionizes) from the atom, i.e. the system, and then both the wolves are full, and the sheep are well, and only the satellite knows how it feels. So, after having fled from the system (a sure sign that you were expelled from the same is a tingling bottom), the state at the atom usually stabilizes unless it is so hot that not only many elements of the shell, but also some from the nucleus have to leave.

Well, that already is a complex state which is called the breakdown of the system. When it comes to the breakdown of the system, everybody runs in all directions, wherever they can. After such a microscopic examination of the essence, only one question remains: what is the energy of the Chancellor's ionization from the system?

Miss Mudd

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