Belgrade, February 3rd
Slobodan Grubacic, the dean of the School of Philology in Belgrade expressed today "grave unease and shock" because of the beating of Rastko Kostic, the student of the second year in this school. in the last night's action of the police in Belgrade.
With bitterness, we raise our voice against the violence in the streets of our capital, especially when the police brutally attacks unarmed students. The fact that the student Rastko Kostic was wearing a clearly noticeable press legitimation, as he belongs to the staff of the university newspaper "Znak", only causes deeper concern, it is stated in the announcement of the Dean of the School of Philology.
The Dean Grubacic expressed hope that the peace and common sense will soon be back on the streets of Belgrade.

Kragujevac, February 3rd
The students of Kragujevac condemned in a most harsh manner the last night's "madness of the Belgrade police, the beating and the cruel conduct towards the demonstrators".
"The beating, accompanied with the usage of water cannons represents the bluntest violation of almost all the rights guaranteed by the constitution", it is said in the announcement of the Steering board of the Student Protest in Kragujevac.

Belgrade, February 3rd
The Chancellor's Office of the University of Art and the Deans of Art Schools in Belgrade condemned today the intervention of the police against the demonstrators performed last night on Brankov bridge and demanded the release of the arrested students.
"The Chancellor's Office of the University of Art and the Deans of Art Schools harshly condemn the brutal intervention of the police against the students and the citizens of Belgrade who are protesting against the annulment of the electoral results" it is said in the announcement.
They estimated that "the intrusion of the police in the building of the School of Philosophy, the beating and the arrest of the students who found themselves there represents the flagrant violation of the autonomy of the University and the inviolability of its territory established by law".

Nis, February 3rd
Dr. Branimir Djordjevic, the Chancellor of the University in Nis and his associates, issued a protest letter to the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic today, in which they demand the urgent solving of the political crisis in Serbia.
"We strongly denounce the attacks on the citizens and on the School of Philosophy of the Belgrade University, for they are the couriers of the bloody clashes and an introduction to a civil war", it is stressed in the letter of the leadership of the Nis University.
The brutality of the police and the intrusion to the Belgrade University were condemned by the deans of the Schools of Medicine, Electrical Engineering and Law in Nis.

Belgrade, February 3rd
Dusan Vasiljevic, the spokesman of the Student Protest stated today that, because of the beating of the students and the citizens last night, the Student Protest will take more radical measures.
Not wanting to state precisely what those measures would be, Vasiljevic gave out the "licence for a weapon" to the reporters at the press conference, pointing out that from now on, the students will be using a new fire weapon - cigarette lighters.

Belgrade, February 3rd
The students in Novi Sad blocked their School of Philosophy today and announced that, starting tomorrow all lectures are to be boycotted, expressing their expectations that similar actions will be performed at the other schools of the University in Novi Sad.
The school will, as of tomorrow, only be open for students with indexes as well as the professors who have been supporting the students.

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