The calm before the storm

After a night of mad chase through the city and a wild manhunt on the behalf of armed government's formations, a beautiful spring day has dawned. A greater contrast between the natural and social occurrences in the last 48 hours couldn't exist. Yesterday, as up to now, the protest program of the Belgrade University students was continued, but the action of returning to school desks was cancelled. Instead of it, after the gatherings at the schools, the student processions, united at Slavija, continued down Nemanjina street to their true destination - the Supreme Court. Along the way, they reacted tumultuously to every living individual or object of our president's militant forces. Since the delegation of the Student Protest didn't come across an "available" Republic Attorney (who would serve them with an appropriate stereotypical speech), the students were offered an alternative solution - a conversation with the Court Secretary. The dialogue with the man in question was refused (probably out of principles, because his speech would be identical with the previously mentioned one). The walk was again continued down Kneza Milosa street. Then the students turned to Srpskih Vladara, then Prizrenska, then Brankova street, to Brankov bridge, the battlefield of the yesterday's shameless assault on the peaceful demonstrators. After crossing the bridge (without swaying) the student procession headed right back. At the very bridge a few advertising flags of the Socialist Party of Serbia, hanging on the poles (which, by the way, should hold only non-political commercials) were burned. Let's consider this a little, symbolical revenge for the yesterday's victims of this bridge. The procession finished the walk by returning to Knez Mihajlova street, where a large number of students joined the mass protest of the citizens, motivated by last night's events.

The epilogue of the day, as you know, are new cop beatings on the directive of the ruling, mentally disturbed married couple and their zombie-like escort.


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