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You never know what may befall you in your own city, and this applies to the last few days, even weeks, in particular.

And so, a few days ago, in the bus number ? (let it remain a sweet secret) I got acquainted with a Spaniard. This man is a musician, a free artist who occasionally visit Belgrade and is of the opinion that the female students here are the most beautiful in the world (with exceptions), and if he spoke Serbian language, he would be fascinated with Radio Index (who understands will comprehend). Our situation wasn't exactly clear to him, so I attempted to explain it, but I get a feeling that there are certain things which he still can't grasp; but he is not the only one. All in all, he likes Belgrade very much, he is thrilled with the people and the atmosphere..., he even celebrated his birthday here, in our traditional manner - he got completely drunk. He was only a bit concerned with the cops, but this won't prevent him from returning to Belgrade, since his visa expired and he had to leave.

My conversation with this young man at a public place, of course, got half the bus interested, but still, the best of all was an old man who said "You see, she is talking with him in English, French and Spanish. He is a foreign mercenary, I guarantee it."


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