The report from the Main Board

At the last night's meeting of the Main Board of the Student Protest the latest events concerning the protest and the current events on the streets of Belgrade were discussed. The agenda consisted of three items:

  1. The information on the students who were arrested after the last night's disorders on the streets of Belgrade. After the yesterday's actions of the police, the following students were arrested:

    Milorad Stojadinovic (1976) - School of Civil Engineering
    Nikola Culafic (1976) - School of Economics
    Bosko Kalcic (1976) - The University of Art Braca Karic
    Krsta Miljanovic (1972) - The Medical School (Arrested yesterday at 18:00)
    The total was 8 students of the University and one high school student, but we couldn't find out the names of the others.

    Nikola Culafic was brutally beaten in the "patrol wagon" on the way to jail. They were all released from custody with a fine, and Krsta Miljanovic, who was arrested yesterday at 18:00, remained in custody.

  2. The new suggestion of the Main Board of the Student Protest is the boycott of the police. One of the boycott suggestions is that a cop enters a bus, all other passengers (including the driver and conductor) leave the vehicle.

  3. The School Council of the School of Agriculture has finally supported the demands of the students and strongly condemned the beatings of the citizens.

  4. A plan was made for the today's action for the students to join the lawyers in their protest walk. The gathering of the students is on the Plato at noon, and the lawyers are meeting before the Palace of Justice and the Supreme Court at 13:00.

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