The session of the Main Board was conducted by Aleksandar Brasanac, from the School of Theology, the newly elected chairman of this body.
At the session, the following agenda was adopted:

  1. The tomorrow's action
  2. Stopping of the procession in the Kolarceva street
  3. Miscellaneous.

The first item of the agenda was postponed for today at 11:00, and as for the second item, "the assembly of the students from the School of Mechanical Engineering" which was held in the Kolarceva street, represented a rude breach of the agreement reached at the previous session. Regarding this self-willed action of the colleagues from the School of Mechanical Engineering, there was a bitter debate at the session of the Main Board, where it finally came to an understanding about paying respect to the decisions made at the meeting. In the further course of the discussion, it was ascertained that every school mat organize such selfinitialized actions, but not for the duration of the official Student Protest.

Concerning the third item of the item, among other things, the security of the Student Protest presented their resolution to discarge one of their members, because of his unauthorized giveout of information and the spreading of misinformation.

It was proposed that the elections for THE STUDENT PARLIAMENT be scheduled (Hooray for us!)

A colleague from the School of Economics, a member of the Board supplied us with the information that their dean, together with his vice-deans RESIGNED irrevokably (Hooray for our colleagues!)

At the end, the Main Board voted the plan for the Friday action, a walk to the Student Compound, where speeches will be held.

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